MASTH (Museum Aligi Sassu Thiesi)

Comune of Thiesi

Thiesi, 2012 may 25  Regional committee resolution n. 47/23 of 2009 October 20 – 2007 - 2013 ROP ERDF Sardinia - Axis IV - Specific objective 4.2 - Operating Objective 4.2.3.a – Announcement Museum System annuity 2010 – Poject: Improvements of collections and facilities Modernization and facilities of the Museum Sassu

Works: Adaptation sanitation and air conditioning - Acquisition of new furniture and system multimedia experience”.

Promoting Institutions:

Comune of Thiesi

Helenita and Aligi Sassu Fondation, Pollença-Mallorca, Spain - Milan, Italy

Helenita and Aligi Sassu Fondation, Pollença-Mallorca, Spain - Milan, Italy

Autonomous Region of Sardinia

Project co-financed by the European Union - ERDF European Regional Development FundItalian RepublicAutonomous Region of Sardinia

Software development, communication and graphic design: Imedia di Giulio Lai & C. s.a.s. - Cagliari

Artistic supervision: Vicente Sassu Urbina (Helenita and Aligi Sassu Fondation)

Artistic consulting: Laila Capitini

Tactile boards consulting: ANPVI (National Association Deprived of view and Visually Impaired) – Pirri - Cagliari

English Translations: Mark Hill

Software: Imedia di Giulio Lai & C. s.a.s., supervision Giulio Lai, webmaster Luca Tedde, multimedia applications Micaela Agus, Olinda Lampis, Tonina Pirisi

Technical Management of the project: Dr. Ing. Usai Valerio / Roberto Murru for Gaia Engineering sas - Cagliari

Photo Credits: Helenita and Aligi Sassu Fondation, Giulio Lai, Archivio Jannas

Comune of Thiesi is available to those entitled for any iconographic sources unidentified.

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