People connected to Thiesi

Numerous famous people come from the village. Aligi Sassu (1912- 2000), an international level artist, lived in the village when he was a child and took inspiration from the horses and the strong colours of the Mediterranean countryside; amongst his works there is a precious fresco that represents the rebellion against feudal masters which you can admire inside the room named after him, there is also a mosaic inspired by life and nature situated on the outside wall of the ex-business institute. Alfredo Chighine (1914-1974), one of the main exponents of informal and abstract painting in the 1900s, was also from Thiesi. We should remember the war heroes Giuseppe Demartini (1912-1941, golden medal), Giovannino Musinu (1903-1941, silver medal) and General Giuseppe Musinu (1891-1992), multi-decorated commander of the Brigata Sassari; the politician Nino Giagu Demartini (1925-2006), councillor, and President of the Region, then Senator and under-secretary, one of the principal exponents of Sardinian politics in the post war period; the sociologist Luca Pinna (1919-1982), writer and documentary maker; the large group of poets Ausonio Spano (1870-1941) and Giovanni Antonio Cossu (1897-1972) and the contemporary singers Andrea Ninniri (1890-1969) and Antonio Piredda (1905-1984). Many other artists, business people, high priests, simple farmers, soldiers, have had an important role in the history of the last two hundred years. It is the duty of every Tiesino to keep the memory of the past alive and use it for an informed construction of the future.

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