Thiesi is the natural capital of the historical region of Mejlogu. The communal territory extends lengthwise from east to west with respect to the inhabited centre; it borders in the north with Bessude and Ittiri, in the west with Villanova Monteleone and Romana, in the south with Cossoine, Cheremule and Giave, and in the east with Borutta. The geological sub-stratum is made up of Miocene marine sediment, which emerges in the east into a system of hills and calcareous rocky high plains separated by wide valleys created by the flow of water, dominated by the high plain of Monte Pelao (730 m), protected from erosion by an extended basaltic flow of the quaternary period. To the west the sediments are recovered by effusions of trachyte and oligocenic andesite, which emerge from the vegetation with characteristic forms and give a wild aspect to the countryside, with heights beyond 600 m. Monte Majore is exceptional (584 m), in that calcareous sediment re-emerges. In the centre the altitude diminishes to 210 m in Su Campu, a fertile valley made up of decaying lands, in which various flows of water meet and form the main flow of Rio Mannu which feeds into the artificial lake Bidighinzu. The waters that come from the most western area flow towards the southern catchment basin of the Temo.

Province Sassari
Historical Region Mejlogu
ZIP CODE 07047
Telephone code 079
Health code Asl n. 1
Health district Alghero
Area covered 63,83 Km2
Altitude 461 M
Inhabitants (ISTAT Data)
1951 3455
1961 3498
1971 3330
1981 3297
1991 3344
2001 3165
2011 3047

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