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The area is crossed by the state road 131 which connects it in the east with the main Carlo Felice road and in the west with Ittiri and Alghero; from there the provincial roads and an adequate network of country roads depart, which unite it with the surrounding villages. The visitor that arrives from the east will see a vast industrial zone and the historical centre to be found at 461 m, dominated by an austere bell tower. In the oldest parts carrela ’e puttu e sas rocchittas in successive centuries a linear road system was added (carrela manna, carrela ’e segus) and the inhabited area took on the form of a triangle. From the 60s the village was extended toward the west, in sa sea, and occupies almost all the calcareous plain of su Montiju. The need for new housing has led to the abandonment of numerous houses in the centre; only in recent years have people started to restructure them, but there are many prestigious buildings that are still uninhabited.

Two autonomous school institutions are present: The Comprehensive institute, made up of the Primary school, the Nursery school and the Middle school, And The institute of Higher Education; on which associated sections in nearby villages depend. There is a private nursery school in the S. Michele nursery. In the hospital, operative since 1929,there is a department of medicine for long term inpatients, there are various clinical and diagnostic services, the offices of the health Authorities (A.S.L.), and dialysis centres. A notable improvement of the services could trigger the re-launch of the Mejlogu area avoiding progressive depopulation. There are two old peoples’ homes, two credit institutes, the police station and the forestry commission office, the national insurance offices (INPS), offices for regional bodies, along with essential public offices, service companies and associated trade unions.

Accommodation is present in the form of a hotel, Two agritourisms and eight bed & breakfasts.

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